Defence - Installation of the Android edition

The Android edition needs a tablet with an ARM processor (i.e. not the Intel processor),
and a minimum screen size of 7'' is recommended.

Before starting the download at the tablet you should go to the App:
    (group) Personal
        Unknown sources
    and allow this (i.e. must be checked), because otherwise
    only applications of Google can be installed.

Tapping on one of the links below starts the download:

Download for Android 4      Download for Android 5 - 7

However, the (Chrome) browser does not tell you when it is finished.
To see that you go best to the App: Downloads.
When you see the finished (= 153 MB) entry "qbtutor-dfs.apk" (or "qbtutor-dfs-a5.apk")
you install it by tapping on it.
If the downloads are organized in several groups, please check all of them.

After the installation you see Defence in the Apps, either in alphabetical order
or as most recent app (rather at the end).

- After the installation you can reset the setting "Unknown sources"
- After the installation and activation to the full version an internet connection
   is not needed for running the program.

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