Programs running in the browser

Currently there are 5 bridge programs which can run directly in the browser.
Directly in the browser means that the programs below start immediately
after clicking on them, without further installation. Depending on the quality
of the internet connection the loading time will be about 20 seconds.

The most important requirement is a suitable browser. Suitable are
- the Safari browser on Mac OS 10.14 or higher or on the iPad with iOS 11 or higher.
- on Windows 10 the new Edge browser and
- on all operating systems the current versions of the Chrome and the Firefox browser.

The screen should not be smaller than that of a tablet (10"); a tablet
should be held horizontally. The program is not designed for smaller
screens, in particular those of a smartphone (5 "or 6").

After you have started a program once, you can always start it again from
this point. It is more practical, however, if you bookmark it in the browser
or make an icon. What to do is described here.


                      Begin Bridge             Acol Bidding
  Declarer Play                   Defence                    Advanced Declarer Play

These product keys are valid: For Acol Bidding, the product keys starting with AB;
for Declarer Play, the product keys starting with CA; for Advanced Declarer Play,
starting with CM; for Defence starting with DB, for Begin Bridge, starting with BA.

Without a valid product key you can use the program in demo mode only.


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