Modern American Bidding by Eric Kokish and Beverly Kraft

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General Description

Modern American Bidding by Eric Kokish and Beverly Kraft is a program which runs on usual Windows PCs and is aimed at ambitious players and partnerships hoping to hone their game.

Eric Kokish and Beverly Kraft – two of the world’s leading bidding theoreticians, writers, teachers and international coaches, with impressive playing credentials – present a cohesive system with treatments aimed at improving constructive Standard American bidding.

Among the topics covered are:

As well as demonstrating the correct application of partnership agreements, the deals focus on important aspects of expert evaluation and judgment.

An Example

You are South and see the following hand:

       ª T 8 3
       © Q 7
       ¨ A Q
       § A K 8 7 6 4

Your partners opens 1 NT. The first hurdle is not too high - (provided that you have read the system summary!) - you should show your clubs by means of a transfer: 2ª . Partner rebids 2 NT.

Now what?

You have to discover if slam is on, and if so, in which strain. Do you have to make this decision by yourself or can you involve partner sensibly?

Well, we don't give the solution here...
(But - fortunately - this hand is one of the 5 deals of the free demo version!)

The program consists of 200 prepared deals, which you as user bids as South. The bids selected are then evaluated and commented upon.

The Explanations

The explanations are spoken. This allows you to focus your eyes on the hand while listening to the words of Eric Kokish or Beverly Kraft. You need a PC with a sound card and a connected loudspeaker. If these are not available, the explanations are displayed as text on the screen.

At the following page (120 Kb) you may see the user interface during the bidding - in addition you hear the spoken explanation (if you have a sound card and your Internet browser is properly configured).

Besides the explanations to the individual bids, at the end of an auction there is always an explanation which discusses all bids in context.

System Requirements and Distribution

You need a PC with the operating system Windows (98/Me/XP/Vista/7) and a CD drive.
A sound card is necessary for spoken explanations.

Modern American Bidding by Eric Kokish and Beverly Kraft is available:

Demo Version and Update

are available from the download page.

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