Advanced Declarer Play - Demo

The demo version is the same as the demo version of Declarer Play
- it contains 5 hands: 3 of Declarer Play and 2 of Advanced Declarer Play.

Demo  (Advanced) Declarer Play :
Download for Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista, 7 (about 4900KB)

Note: The demo version contains spoken explanations.
These usually do not work with Windows 98. With the full version, however, spoken explanations work also with Windows 98.

Installation of the demo version:

1) You download the file to a temporary folder, e.g. "c:\temp";
2) You execute the downloaded file "dcl-play-demo.exe".
2a) It suggests to extract the contained files to a folder "c:\games\qbtrain.ddp".
2b) You start the extraction by the "unzip" button.
3) At the end of the extraction, an installation program starts.
   It creates an icon at the desktop and entries in the Windows Start menu.
   You may start the program using one of that.

Information about Windows 7

There are no known problems with Advanced Declarer Play on Windows 7.

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