The Defence download page contains:

Defence - Download / Demo

The download contains the current version of the year 2016.

The downloaded program offers to start as demo version (3 of the 120 hands), or as full version.
For the full version you need the 16-character product key on the first page of the printed manual.

The Windows edition accepts product keys both of the version year 2011 (starting with DA)
and of the version year 2016 (starting with DB),
the Mac and Android edition accept only product keys of the version year 2016.

Installation Defence on all Windows versions (about 106 MB):
1) You execute the link, either directly or by saving the file.
2) The downloaded program "bm-defence(.exe)" suggests to extract the contained files
to a folder "c:\games\qbtrain.dfs" ; you start this by clicking on the "unzip" button.
3) At the end of the extraction, an installation program starts.
It creates an icon at the desktop and entries in the Windows Start menu,
you may start the program using one of that.

Installation Defence on Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.12 (about 141 MB):
1) You start the download by clicking on the link.
2) In the Download folder you see the downloaded file "Defence(.pkg)"
When the download is finished, you execute the file by double clicking it.
3) The Mac standard installation runs, which you proceed by clicking on Ok or Continue.
The installation results in a new program (application)
and in a new icon in the Launchpad: Defence.
(Note to the Launchpad: The Mac standard programs often use up the first page,
so you will find 'Defence' on the second page.)

Defence on Android tablets: Click here for the installation instructions

Information about Windows 7, 8, 10

This information is only relevant for the version of the year 2009.

The CD (Defence 2009) needs at the first start possibly some time to get verified.
Therefore, if a window titled "State of licence" or "PC licence" (CD verification) opens then
 - wait about 30 seconds
 - click on Ok
 - start the program a second time.

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